Sunday, March 14, 2010

I miss you guys
Brenda-The most precious one!
Yiing- the love one! 
Qin- the sit aeroplane one!
Lyn-the fake fake one!
Boys from cempaka
Thinking of how i rock v you guys!
SNSD sucks!
Big bang rock!

Having your happiness?
most of them having relationship for girls.
hope you all are happy =)

Just went to Genting INTI college for 2 day 1 night!
it was fun there!
knew alot new friends there
Going to update the pictures soon!
stay tuned =)

Friday club plan!
Start planning!

last one for yiing and brenda to see
their favourite my sis..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

a saved my life post

this post will save my life for today..
call me update blog..
she say my blog have fungi already..
so i update this blog to save my life for today..
she say if i dont update she will kill me today..
so i am aliveee~ xDD

stay tuned for the upcoming post==

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Finally i am  getting my Canon Eos xD
Parent finaly want to buy for me 
noneed use own money==
its for my christmas present 
F*cKin Happy !
Now all i have to do is choose which one
there is 2 i can choose
Canon eos 1000D or Canon eos 500D
which one?
get some comment from my bro Bryan
he say canon eos 500D is better
i think i will listen to him!
Canon eos 1000D

Canon eos 500D

When you meet me halfway~

Thursday, December 10, 2009


2.38 skyping v Bryan
Ops! i go die ,you go die
laugh sei me really..
we togather go toilet laugh sei~

Monday, November 30, 2009

HAng Out

Hang out with friends last saturdays.
went to zenwen house first then went to sungai wang
wow all 3 of us wear jacket==
then we went to 6th flooor to sing k
at first only 3 of us xiao j zenwen and me then kah wing came
after that nix came and join us
wait for xiaozhuzhu to come..
she came around 3 something
then xiao xiao also came..
haha taken many act cute pictures xP

♥♥♥Aiseh ngek ngek Isshh♥♥♥


Pose 1

Pose 2

Pose 3

Pose 4

Pose 5

All crazy jo ! 
then we went low yat
keep going up and up@@
tires sei !!
after that went to pavilion and eat
long time dint gather togather eat eat 
meet up with cy n yiing
we keep play xiao j n xiao xiao
after that went back to sw
met bryan --
after that go the monorail to see the babi  how 
then go take taxi go home
reach home at 11 something 
after that just online until 3 something
went out yamcha with friends staynearby
at mamak
until around 5 then head homw and sleep
thats all~

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Fuck love!

Fuck School!

Fuck Life


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Leave school

leaving this school
that is almost 3 years..
going too miss it..
although usually say that this school is so bad
but actually is not bad..
no choice..
the school decides ==
going to go seri suria for exam..
thinking to go in that school
i am gonna miss some people in the school

This time really leave la..
cant always make u smile jo..
we will less meet each other after this year..
you know?
i appreciate a lot the moment spend with u in school.
hahaha we know each other since i think is around august or september 2007 until now 2009
sometimes i am down u will talk heart with me..
thanks alot my woman..
hope u always happy yah!
and always miss yr man xP

woi ke ai d mui xD
ald say we fated togather leave school xD
dun always cry la grow up lo xD
i know u feel i never care and protect u so much jo la ..
i really do care la xD
we know each other so long.
rmb how the first time we met?
the time when u give me the paper bird?
that moment was the memories i always remember
dun always cry be strong
yi pian guang ming==
tohsui xP

toh sui d ppl..
always argue with me hehe..
but that what our main point is hehe..
where our friendship bond is in the toh sui part XD
me and you geh thing dun let so many ppl know a NGEK NGEK
the nuggets i cooked is the last thing i will do b4 i leave school hehee..
wad also keep secret from me..
hate u la Hahaa..
the only thing u will tell is yr romance ngek ngek ngek.. u noe i saying who..
the one and only..
wei dun forget GNQ vor xD..
your shop lai d la xD
cant always make u at school already.. =)
next week will be the last..
Take care vor : )
qing ai d ah poh xD

yo getting more and more famous geh dah poh xD
kai wan xiao now is popular..
going to be star jo la XD
find u also nid booking hehehe..
hope you find people who love you yea..
dun look back lor..look front xD
a girl who doesnt usually show her emotion on face only smile always..
that what you are ..
the point i like to be friend with you xD
as i always say you are kai xin gwo (happy fruit) for sri cempaka :)
so continue be it..

cant hear yr crazy sound ald..
finally hehe..
my ear is in peace xD
food is the only thing i will rmb you..><
 hmm be happy na..
 dun play here play there lo.. 
HEHE if u get wad i meant..
take care 

 miss you guys
 its the end ..
 bYe sri cempaka